311-4 examine some of the catastrophic events, such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, that occur on or near Earth’s surface
311-5 analyse data on the geographical and chronological distribution of catastrophic events to determine patterns and trends
311-1 explain the processes of mountain formation and the folding and faulting of Earth’s surface

Continental Drift

Students watched the movie Ice Age: Continental Drift as an introduction to theories about Earth's Crust.
The puzzle activity below illustrates Sir Francis Bacon's theory that the continents look like they could fit together like a puzzle. Students use different types of evidence proposed by Alfred Wagner to demonstrate how the theory works:
Biological - plant and animal remains (similar fossils found on different continents)
Geological - the discovery of similar rocks on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean (mountains ranges made of the same kind of rock and the same ages)
Meteorological - climatic change (ancient glacial deposits)

Previous Project (2013-14)

Students have been given a Totally 10 Project where they must select tasks that add up to 10 points (or 100%).
For example: A score 2 task + a score 6 task + a score 2 task = 10 points
Though students are asked to set their own due dates, the final due date to submit all tasks is




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