Shape & Space - Geometry

Coordinate Graphing

Graphing Assignment
Students must a) select a minimum of one character worksheets to graph or b) create their own drawing and submit the coordinates. There are several character sheets to choose from with various levels of complexity.

The following character sheets have been downloaded from

Additional Characters: (Most of these do not fit on the graph paper provided so two sheets can be taped together)
Pictures to Graph
Quadrant Graphing Character Worksheets

Graphing Translations and Reflections

Graphing Rotations

Interactive Rotations
Graph the Image
Rotation Video Tutorial

Transformation Animation Assignment

Alternate Assignment: Pg. 335-336 Unit Review

Parallel, Perpendicular, Intersecting Lines

(adapted from
Animation Animation #2

Angle Bisectors

Angle Bisectors
BBC Bitesize: Constructions