Grade 7 Math

Binder: Students must have a section in their binder for mental math, notes and practice questions. Many of the notes will be in the form of foldables that are interactive. Binders may be taken home but MUST be in class.
Textbook: Math Makes Sense 7 (Students are not assigned individual textbooks however may sign them out as needed).

All homework questions and assignments will be posted on the homework blog and this wikispace to avoid heavy book bags.

General Curriculum Outcomes (GCO):
  • Number
  • Patterns and Relations
  • Shape and Space
  • Statistics and Probability

  1. Patterns in Division and Operations with Decimals
  2. Adding and Subtracting Fractions
  3. Integers
  4. Circles and Area
  5. Fractions, Decimals and Percents
  6. Patterns and Relations - Algebra
  7. Geometry
  8. Data Analysis

Math in the Real World Assignments:
Students must choose a career. They will explain how each grade 7 math concept fits into their career path as we learn new topics.
Possible career choices:

Mental Math Strategies:

Logic Puzzles:
Introductory puzzle: Multicolour Doors

Math Review Questions