September 2013

This unit will explore an introduction to empowerment.

Students have been introduced to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Based on an understanding of the Charter, students worked together to create a classroom charter.
This activity came from Parliament of Canada

Two important terms to understand are Power and Authority. Students must be able to use these terms when investigation empowerment and disempowerment.
(Personal Empowerment Poster Example)

Below is the review sheet (complete with answers) that students completed in class. This should be used as a study guide for intro to empowerment.

We are reading parts from the book "Charlie: A Home Child's Life in Canada" by Beryl Young. This is a story about a Home Child and is an example of disempowerment. You may read more about this book here.

Personal Empowerment Assignment
Please remember that students do not have to implement the plan to receive full marks. It is the process and thought that is important.
Suggestions for presentations:
- Brochure
- Poster / Advertisement
- Commercial (radio or television)
- Plan for a fundraiser evening
- Song or jingle

Types of Empowerment
This year, we will spend time investigating the history of different types of empowerment in Canada. Each type will be covered in depth as we progress through the year. Below is an introduction.

Unit Review

Alternate Assignment